Chakra balancing Bath Soak - Essential bath time
Chakra balancing Bath Soak - Essential bath time
Chakra balancing Bath Soak - Essential bath time
Chakra balancing Bath Soak - Essential bath time

Chakra balancing Bath Soak

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Feeling tired, over whelmed, stressed and need some balancing and grounding? We have carefully designed and blended a specific essential oil blend to assist and balance each chakra. soak in our signature soak filled with 100% pure magnesium flakes, pink Himalayan salts and inhale all of the aromas we have put together to assist in balancing your chakras

Added to this beautiful therapeutic blend is a pouch of gems to represent each chakra. we have 7 different gemstone chips matched to each chakra, make sure this bag is tied tight and drop it into your tub as you soak to assist in your balancing.

600g min 



Chakra balancing soak ingredients
Magnesium flakes ( Magnesium Chloride ), Pink himalayan salt, organic rose petals, organic calendula petals, oganic Jasmine petals.
Pathchouli (root chakra), Ylang Ylang, sandlewood ( sacral chakra), peppermint (Solarplexus), rose absolute ( heart chakra ), Eucalyptus ( throat chakra ), Lavander ( third eye chakra ) Frankinsense (crown chakra )
1 x chakra Gemstone pouch containing
Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose quartz, citrine, Black Tourmaline, Carnelian, adventurine.

How to use
Fill your muslin bag with this hand blended mix of chakra balancing soak, let it seep while it releases all of its beautiful oils and aromas, place your pouch in the bath water to release the energy from your chakra gem chips.
Sit back, relax and be present. be sure to cleanse your chakra stones with white sage smudging or under a full moon.

do not ingest.

consult your doctor before using this product if you are pregnant or planning to be pregnant or breast feeding.

Avoid eye area. If product gets into your eyes rinse under running water and consult your doctor.

Take extra care when entering and exiting the bath tub as oils can make the surface slippery.
contains small parts. not suitable for children under the age of 3.

soak is not suitable for children under 12.


Essential bath time takes no responsibility in staining of baths tubs, my tips to avoid staining in the bath tub is to keep your bath clean at all times. Colours love to stick to soap scum, water marks, dirt so my suggestion before using a bath bomb from anywhere is to wipe down your bath before and after the use of a bath bomb.

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