Chakra balancing Candle - Essential bath time
Chakra balancing Candle - Essential bath time
Chakra balancing Candle - Essential bath time

Chakra balancing Candle

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Our candles are made from the highest grade premium Coco soy wax and hand poured with love to bring you long lasting burn time and a strong fragrance with a burn time of approx 44 hrs.


Our chakra balancing candle contains 7 x 100% pure essential oils for each chakra point that may assist in bringing balance, Alignment, may help during times of meditation and may bring an overall feelings of clarity and well being. In our chakra range we use the high quality essential oils including Bulgarian rose Absolute which is directed at your heart chakra. 

We have sprinkled a generous amount of gemstone chips, 7 specific types that Align to each chakra point for extra energy flow while you use your candle.

Essential oils we have used are

Patchouli (root chakra) Ylang Ylang, ( sacral chakra), peppermint (Solar plexus), rose absolute ( heart chakra ), Eucalyptus ( throat chakra ), Lavender ( third eye chakra ) Frankincense (crown chakra ) 

Crystals that are included are
Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose quartz, Citrine, Black Tourmaline, Carnelian, Green Adventurine

Our chakra candle is perfect to use during meditation, yoga, in times of mindfulness or just to fill your house with positive energy. 

Always remember to follow candle safety instructions which are included with your candle along with candle care tips.


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Manufactured, Packed, Handmade and Poured with love

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