Sacred Smudge Set
Sacred Smudge Set
Sacred Smudge Set

Sacred Smudge Set

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Cleanse Your Mind, Body, Soul and Space With our Sacred Smudge Bundle.

Remove negative energies and Manifest Love, Light, Good intentions, positive energy and Vibes.

Each smudge set comes with..

1 Sacred White sages smudge stick.

1 Palo Santo smudge stick from naturally fallen branches in Ecuador. 

1 Selenite rod to promote Peace, calm, Clarity and used to cleanse other crystals when placed on selenite.

1 Clear quartz point, The Master Healer. Clear Quartz is one of the purest Crystals and is considered to be the light bringer. It’s an amazing amplifying stone, meaning that whatever you pour into it, will pour out tenfold. The clarity of its many faces can spark memory, hone concentration, and bring your whole being back to balance.




Please note not all items in our set will be the same as they come from natural form.

Sizes and thickness may vary.

Take care when using your smudge stick and ensure you have a dish available to dab your stick out after use. 

Do not leave burning White sage or Palo Santo un attended as this may result in a fire.

Keep away from Children's reach.

Choking Hazard Small Items.



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